Safe Driving Tips: Focus On London UK


The placement of the steering is a great factor to consider when driving in the UK. Normally, the British system of driving may be different from other nations. It is often called the wrong side driving system where the driver sits on the right hand position of the vehicle. It may really take some time to reprogram your mind in pondering on the opposite sense. This can be essentially noticed on roundabouts, junctions and motorways. As a visitor, it is often a good idea not to drop your guard say about 2-3 days prior to driving in Britain. This is because most foreign drivers may experience accidents if proper care fails to apply. There are several online resources that can help you practice perfectly prior to arriving in London. You can go for some practice leaner driver theory tests. This will help you to understand the basic driving skills needed to drive easily in the United Kingdom. For people coming from countries such as Canada or USA, it is important to know that most vehicles are manual transmission. This may cause further complication of matters. Read on to find some safe driving tips that apply to the UK system.

Speed Limits:

In the United Kingdom, most speed limits are denoted by lack numbers. This can be often found on a circular white symbol carrying a red border. The national speed limits remain a default for anyone to maintain. In most cases, it is denoted by a plain white circular symbol carrying a diagonal stripe. Visitors should have in mind that the distance and speed limits symbols are always in miles in England. Normally, 5 miles is equal to 8 kilometers. The NSL is usually at 60mph which is equal to 97km/h on single-carriageway roads. For motorways and dual-carriageways, it is often at 70mph which is equal to 112km/h.

For in-built environments, you are sure to discover a standard of about 30mph which is equal to 48km/h limit in force. Research has shown that for areas such as housing estates, schools, and living residence, it is lowered to 20mph. It is always 40mph for areas not revealing g immediate danger. In fact it may increase to 50mph for areas not revealing instant attack. For areas carrying the 20mph value, there could be deviations from the normal 30mph. This is because drivers will find sprinkled speed-bumps and other traffic calming measures on the way. It is important to know that the normal driving speed limit in Britain remains 30mph.

When you break the speed limit, there is every possibility to be charged for a fine. In case the speed limit is slight above the normal value, some force officers may demand for a speed awareness course. This will also attract a small fee. You will be offered penalty points on a license as well. To catch offenders, there are mobile police radar traps, stationary speed cameras, and average speed camera set in place of operation. In case you find yourself in an unknown environment, it is often a good idea to drive a car with the controls. Ensure not to add to the speed limit.

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