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I am waiting for someone to have a relationship with, but not in a serious vein.

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Ariele. Welcome to your town. I would like to help you : I'll see you for dinner, walk through your town : Or I'll just be your fantasy . Your surprise :). I'm a Christian man, very God fearing, happy, healthy, emotionally and easy going with a good sense of humor and a kind and caring soul. A solid, balanced and fun-loving guy with a passion for life and a heart of gold. Self-confident but never arrogant. Take charge but not controlling. Loving, giving and non-judgmental. Positive and upbeat about people and life. Neat, clean, and mostly organized. I'm a gentleman with old fashion values who respects and appreciates a lady and loves to show it. I'm a good communicator and enjoy stimulating conversation. I'm a good listener because I care. I am sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others and respect the differences in all of us. I'm pretty good at not sweating the small stuff and I know how to laugh at myself and our sometimes crazy life. I much prefer a quiet, relaxed and intimate atmosphere to a noisy and crowded environment. I love my life but I'm missing the most important part. Nothing is more important to us than you and your success. I like to meet interesting and funny people.

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